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Onboarding new people has never been more important

Increase the effectiveness of your onboarding process through VR training and testing of new employees’ manual skills. Reduce negative effects of employees fluctuation and increase productivity by ensuring quality real-time by checking that employees are completing their tasks correctly.

Training in virtual reality allows practicing all dangerous events that may potentially occur in the working environment without incurring material damage and putting employees at risk. It can also recreate a specific situation from the past so that you can try to find out what caused the error. Contrary to traditional training, VR training allows the participation of all employees at the same time. Companies gain better control over the training process and can learn from it.

DPD Training VR - managing workforce fluctuations

DPD stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution – a global forwarding company. The company is based in France and operates mainly in the express road-based market. The company also conducts and tests pro-ecological activities, such as the use of electric transport for the delivery of some shipments.

The project involved moving from strictly paper-based training to training that would best reflect the reality that the worker would face in the future.

A large number of employees, which is needed to support large logistics centres, requires appropriate training. The sectors that our client represents are often struggling with one problem – a significant human resources fluctuation. The preparation and training of new employees require that you familiarise yourself with the work system in specific positions and that you will appreciate the decline in the efficiency of activities. The challenge was to use VR training to eliminate downtime during work and make employees aware of what their work will be. The work on the sorting plant is divided into three main modules, each of which will concern different VR training:

1. An employee is receiving parcels from a semi-trailer and laying on a sorter.
2. A tape service employee transfers the goods to another line if this is its direction.
3. A worker is arranging shipments in a semi-trailer.

VR application implemented solved the client’s problems. The VR app is actively used in the recruitment and training processes. The application is so promising that the client plans to apply further modules, for other positions or similar training, for different devices.


time and money saved on employee training
reduced negative effects of personnel fluctuations
innovative and safe training
training anytime anywhere
accurate replication of the workplace