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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions are pushing the envelope of time and resources, allowing you improve processes, optimise costs and asset allocations.

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We provide complex knowledge services made in Europe by 2,000+ designers, developers, and IT specialists across Poland, perfectly organized and managed.

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Unlock the innovative potential of your existing employees and let them lead your business in transitioning to the new, high-tech economy.

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02 our values

Building tech solutions isn’t easy, so a reliable team that shares common values is a must

Common ground
  • Working with a common language and culture
  • Shared mindset
  • Developing meaningful relationships
  • Time is a precious commodity
  • Truth
Information flow
  • Transparency in the development process
  • Ease of communication
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise
Delivering is what matters
  • Deliverables on-time
  • Delivery is more important than hours (we want you to use us again)
  • Efficient delivery of working software
  • We think and solve problems before coding and delivery
  • Agile practices for effective software development

03 Our solutions

We solve business problems

Cost optimisation

VR learning solutions have already been implemented in Europe with great success, proving that cost reduction is possible thanks to reduced use of real assets and less time spent on staff training, not to mention higher efficiency. Examples include training bus operators, heavy machinery operators, lab staff, sorting facilities personnel. Read more

Health and Safety through deeper learning

VR training increases engagement and facilitates learning thanks to multi-sensory stimulation, providing visual, audio and sensory stimulation and feedback within a completely immersive environment. This technology better complements different learning styles compared to traditional learning techniques. Read more

Dangerous environment

Employees can learn how to complete complex tasks safely in a fully-controlled VR environment. VR simulations of real life situations allow employees to take a hands-on approach while avoiding injury and potential damage to equipment. Examples: belt conveyor maintenance, working with valves or at heights. Read more

Remote service

Augmented Reality revolutionises support services as it allows effective assistance without having to be on-site. Documentation can be put aside while the support specialist can visually guide the on-site staff through the problem, allowing them to be in several remote locations at once without the need to leave the office. Read more


Increase the effectiveness of your onboarding process and reduce negative effects of employees fluctuation through VR training and testing of new employees’ manual skills. Examples include training new employees on the sorting plant in large logistics centers, training bus operators, and even miners. Read more

How to implement VR in your business?

VR technology offers virtually unlimited possibilities. The fundamental question that you have to ask yourself concerns the purpose of the implementation and the expected benefits. Read more

04 Culture matters

Culture and values are important when choosing a partner to work with


All of our specialists live and work in Poland - what does Poland have to offer? Right now, Poland is in a unique place economically and technologically. Since its entrance into the European Union in 2004, it has flourished and modernized at an unprecedented pace. read more

What we do

Coming from a dynamic, hardworking country, we know what it takes to get things done. We support innovators by providing consultancy, Proof of Concept (PoC), Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and development in software and emerging technology solutions. read more

How we work

Avoid the typical pitfalls of development such as incomplete software and misunderstandings with developers that lead to frustration, sunk time and resources, delays, and reworking. Although the rock-bottom pricing of such solutions is tempting, the reality is that you get what you pay for. read more

Forms of collaboration

You can collaborate with us based on various cooperation models, including staff augmentation, fixed price projects, T&M projects and SLA-based managed services. read more

05 Easy communication

It’s no secret to anybody working in
business that communication can make
or break a project

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