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Immersed in a photo-realistic environment, your employees have no choice but to focus on handling training challenges, thus learning new skills and adapting desirable behaviour.

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No other form of instruction can demonstrate with equal emotional impact the effects of worst-case scenarios: electrical shock, falling from height, explosion, fatal accident.

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VR technology allows employees to gain real-world competencies without using real-world resources. Less travelling, less fuel burnt, less damage to machinery.

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02 VR Benefits

Reducing costs of using real assets to zero

Carbon neutral
  • Less travelling
  • Less fuel burnt
  • Less machinery use
  • Less disruption to business
  • Digital twins
  • Virtually anytime anywhere
Immersive environment
  • Mines
  • Switching stations
  • Buses and trains
  • Sorting facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Chemical labs
  • Retail
Digital transformation
  • VR recruitment
  • VR onboarding
  • VR manual skills learning
  • VR testing and reporting
  • Easy refresh
  • Gamification
  • Learning Management System

03 VR solutions


Cost down

VR learning solutions have already been implemented in Europe with great success, proving that cost reduction is possible thanks to reduced use of real assets and less time spent on staff training, not to mention higher efficiency. Examples include training bus operators, heavy machinery operators, lab staff, sorting facilities personnel. Read more

Health and Safety

VR training increases engagement and facilitates learning thanks to multi-sensory stimulation, providing visual, audio and sensory stimulation and feedback within a completely immersive environment. This technology better complements different learning styles compared to traditional learning techniques. Read more

Dangerous environment

Employees can learn how to complete complex tasks safely in a fully-controlled VR environment. VR simulations of real life situations allow employees to take a hands-on approach while avoiding injury and potential damage to equipment. Examples: belt conveyor maintenance, working with valves or at heights. Read more

Remote service

Augmented Reality revolutionises support services as it allows effective assistance without having to be on-site. Documentation can be put aside while the support specialist can visually guide the on-site staff through the problem, allowing them to be in several remote locations at once without the need to leave the office. Read more


Increase the effectiveness of your onboarding process and reduce negative effects of employees fluctuation through VR training and testing of new employees’ manual skills. Examples include training new employees on the sorting plant in large logistics centers, training bus operators, and even miners. Read more

Risk free pilot

Try VR technology in your company. We will provide a pilot VR app and our VR equipment for a feasibility test. Read more

04 Culture

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05 Communication


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