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VTT solutions

Impact on costs and ROI

Virtual Reality training offer a wealth of unique benefits, while it exhibits none of the usual shortcomings of the traditional approach: cost of using real assets and risk exposure can be virtually reduced to zero.

Digital twins can be built in VR for planned facilities long before their commissioning so that employees can be trained beforehand and start their work from day one at the new premises.

Impact on safety

VR trainings excel in rapid formation of safety habits among employees. Immersed in a virtual environment, they have no choice but to focus on handling training challenges, thus learning new skills and adapting desirable behaviour.

We can deploy a VR training pilot and provide our VR equipment to let your employees experiment with this developing technology.

Impact on skills

Virtual Reality sessions can be recorded, that the instructors and OHS specialists can easily monitor employees’ individual performance and their understanding of procedures.

The advantage of training in virtual reality over traditional training methods is that it allows employees to gain real-world competencies without using real-world resources, while the presence of a facilitator is only optional.