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Test VR in your business

Virtual Reality training apps have a significant impact on costs, health and safety, ROI regarding facilities under construction, recruitment, reducing carbon emissions.

Try VR technology in your company. We will provide a pilot VR app and our VR equipment for a feasibility test.

Find your area.

Consider how technological support will transform your business. Then choose the process to be implemented, complemented, altered or transferred to VR.

Pick a VR project leader in your organisation.

Like any process of changes, VR implementation requires an efficient team and an enthusiastic manager. The leader will pass knowledge down the organisation, support others and coordinate the whole project.

A VR project leader should have three characteristics:

be a business champion, who will help the company understand the business value that is being created and who needs to establish partner-like relations with the chosen department for the implementation of the VR-project.
understand the business and be able to predict the impact of VR implementation on business objectives and the way the company operates – both in the short and long term
have leadership skills.

Adopt a strategic approach.

Entering a new stage of technological development by a company requires serious planning. Plan what you want to achieve and in what time perspective. Think about how the team’s way of working will change during the implementation process and as a result of it. Already now think about how to allocate tasks and competencies to make sure you are ready for a new workflow in the company.

Improve communication.

Any change usually encounters resistance from employees – every change is difficult! The leader’s role is of crucial importance here, as he is the one who should inspire and motivate his colleagues. Not only a dialogue within the organisation, especially between the leader and the team but also relations and communication between the organisation and the end customer are essential. It is particularly important that the recipient does not suffer from the implemented change, but on the contrary – he should be its conscious beneficiary. At an early stage of implementation (e.g. project piloting), as a part of the improvement of communication standards, it is necessary to provide substantive support and information to both of the parties. In other words: inform and explain why a VR project is essential and what benefits you expect.

Make sure you partner up with an external expert.

Find a partner that will enable you to innovate! Also, you will find companies from which you will effectively outsource the planning and implementation of a VR project. They have the know-how and experience that your company may lack and might give you an immediate solution that will cost less than if you wanted to do the project on your own.

We help our customers innovate by combining our customers’ understanding of their business and business processes and our knowledge of the latest technology. If you would like to take advantage of our experience in VR or other subjects, or if you have any questions regarding the implementation of virtual reality, please contact us.