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dangerous environment

Fully-controlled environment

Employees can train in a VR environment how to complete complex tasks safely, which has a positive effect on Health & Safety concerns. Examples include learning belt conveyor service and operations, working with valves, working on elevated construction sites, heavy machinery operators, lab staff, etc.

Working with Valves VR

VR training application that teaches how to close and secure valves of sophisticated industrial equipment.

The client needed an application that would clearly show and teach their employees what the work of securing valves for specific industrial equipment should look like. The application was to show dangerous situations that can happen when we skip or neglect some critical activity.

VR training applications are a great convenience in the context of specialist training. They can be used at any time, anywhere, and it is possible to repeat the training many times. This, in turn, means significant savings for the client. Besides, performing activities in VR logically and correctly, following the instructions, allows users to develop good habits about duplicating the activities in real-life conditions.

In the case of traditional training, we would not be able to simulate an explosion which may be the result of negligence in following the procedures. However, there are no such restrictions in the virtual world of the application. The employees will thus be able to understand better the consequences of erroneous activities that can put in danger not only their own lives but also the lives of other people around them.

Training for people working on height

Virtual Reality application that aims at limiting the risks of working at heights by providing a training tool for those involved in the construction of high-rise architectural objects.

Training participants using VR application simulating work at heights were asked to lift an angle grinder, which was lying on the edge of the roof of the building. When they leaned beyond the safe distance, they fell. Those who were not attached with virtual snap hooks also fell onto the floor in the real world. Because the experience of virtual falling is terrifying, there is a huge chance, that workers who experienced it will always remember to attach themselves. Such a simulation is much more effective than a long lecture about the importance of security rules, which often accompanies traditional training.

The client wanted to show how the work in extreme conditions looks like. Perhaps, even more, it serves the purpose of dealing with and consequently, avoiding possible dangers through promoting and teaching the appropriate behaviour of a worker involved into actions at the top of a high-rise building being under construction.


Makes it possible for building staff to avoid potential emergencies that might occur while working at heights during the construction of a skyscraper,
Provides the efficient training tool for the team working at the complex building site.
The application raises awareness of workers who might be exposed to risks, and thus, it makes them get more concerned about their safety.
The app is the perfect complement to traditional training.