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Easy communication

It’s no secret to anybody working in business that communication can make or break a project. Having a team collocated on the other side of the global presents its challenges, but unique opportunities as well.

Common language and more

Working with us doesn’t mean you have to learn Polish, although it won’t hurt ;-) Poles start taking English lessons in pre-school and learn it all the way through secondary school and university. The result is that English is a language they speak have contact with on a daily basis and poses no problem to them.

But communication is more than simply words and the way they’re said -it’s common cultural heritage and legacy in the background of every interaction. It’s a shared understanding of the meaning and value of words and what’s being said “between the lines,” i.e. intonation, tone, etc. along with consideration for how the other side receives the message. With so much of a project’s success or failure dependent on good communication, it’s essential to work with a team that can ensure this.

Problem handover

Just as Australia is winding down, Poland is starting up! This gives your Australia-based team the unique chance to handover problems to your Polish team, who will continue working on it while your local team is off the clock. With appropriate scheduling, you can have 24 hour project flow!

Extended office hours

To facilitate easy communication, we extend our teams’ working hours to better suit the Australian business day, giving you a chance to touch base with your team at the start or end of your workday.

Communication choices

Does your organisation use Google Hangouts? Perhaps you use Skype or WhatsApp? Maybe it’s just easier to pick up the phone and call? Our teams are adaptable and use various kind of technologies on a daily basis - we’ll adjust to you or propose a reliable solution!