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Health and Safety
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Increased engagement

VR training apps provide faster and more effective learning results, better awareness and retention of not only employee duties but also Health and Safety knowledge that’s essential to creating a right work environment. This technology better complements different learning styles compared to traditional learning techniques, such as lectures and videos.

Professional Skills Training VR

TAURON Polska Energia S.A. is a holding from the energy sector, the second largest group of this type in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It operates in all areas of the energy market – from coal mining to distribution and sale of electricity and heat.

A switching station is a place where the slightest mistake made by a worker can lead to a fatal accident. The client needed an application that would familiarise the employees with the workplace and the specifics of the equipment, thus allowing them to do the right thing based on the orders received from a supervisor. The aim was to provide a safe step-by-step training course for a team that deals with risky activities. The real challenge, though, was to move from strictly paper-based training to one that would best reflect real-life conditions that the workers are likely to face.

In the case of VR training applications, it is all about safety and saving costs associated with the training itself. The client can now conduct the training anywhere, anytime. There is no need to take employees to a specific facility. It is also worth adding that such training courses make it possible to develop good habits in employees and are much more effective than standard forms of training. All the features of the app allow users to exercise their practical skills that are essential for their workplace. They can learn how to avoid mistakes and how to know what to look out for.

Such VR training courses should be mandatory for all workers to avoid employee reluctance due to missing knowledge (as well as to prevent worst-case scenarios).